Nov 18 2009

How To Tweak Your Wordpress Theme?

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There are only few who knows how to tweak wordpress theme. Well here I am presenting how to Tweak your Wordpress theme to Speedup your Blog. I think you people are aware about that every Wordpress theme contents CSS file, I just mean that if you can tweak the CSS file in your theme, then it will help your blog in speeding up.

There are several tools from which you can optimize your wordpress blogs CSS file. One of them is CSS Compressor, It compress your CSS to increase loading speed and thus also helpful in saving bandwidth. CSS Compressor allows you to choose three levels of compression i.e. Light, Normal, Super Compact. The “Normal” mode should work well in most cases, creating a good balance between the Light and Super Compact.

Explaining by taking an example: (Inove Wordpress Theme)

The CSS file comes along with Inove theme is of 22 KB, Now lets tweak it using CSS Compressor.




So, results are shown above, if you think compressing the CSS file will help you then use CSS compressor for sure.

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